Nissin Diamond has been active in the development, production and sale of diamond cutting tools since our founding in 1968.
While our products may not receive direct exposure, they play an important role in a variety of industries.
From automobiles and electronics, to components relating to liquid crystal, communications, optical equipment and medicine, many items used in our everyday lives are machined using our company’s products.
Our company name is taken from the inscription on a basin used by King Tang of the Shang Dynasty, who was said to have the virtue of a saint. The inscription means, “Truly new each day. New each and every day. Again, new each day.” and the name Nissin is derived from two Chinese characters, nishi (day) and shin (new), that feature prominently in this text.
As these words express, we actively promote the development of new original technologies while striving to further enhance our ability to excel in terms of cost, delivery time and quality. In this way, we will continue to create products that actively respond to the needs of our customers. We look forward to your continued support.